A workshop on grooming and personal development

 A workshop is organized by the department of USATHM on grooming and personal development by our honorable resource person Miss Monika. She interacts with the students and tells them the importance of personal grooming development.

Workshop on Smorgaboard ( variety of food fiesta)

Our USATHM department organized the 2 days workshop on a variety of food fiesta by our honorable wonderful chefs. They interact with students and teach them the variety of cuisine around the world.

Workshop on personal grooming

A workshop is organized by the department of USATHM of personal grooming and interview made easy by our honorable HOD ma’am Dr. Madhumita Mukherjee. She talks with the students about the grooming session and how to crack the interview.

Dated 13th May 2022.

On 12th April,2022

USTAHM organised a workshop on  grooming and personality development where the experts FROM JAVED HABIB, MS MONICA  delivered a lecture along  with a demonstration to the students. They explained various norms and standards in present society after the pandemic, where the present society is more concerned about their hygiene and safety from   illness  as well as a part of a hospitality industry. Students also have to learn various grooming and hygiene standards for their effective growth in the hygiene industry. We all have to know that hospitality industry only runs on grooming and hygiene as it a glamour industry where they have to be  properly groomed and well hygienic while serving guests. In this workshop, students learned about the pros and cons of grooming and hygiene, and also learned about various ways or techniques to make themselves more attractive and presentable during their long work hours and various techniques to keep them groomed and hygienic through  their working hours.

On the day of Holi

University school of airline tourism and hotel management   organised a mocktail stall which is inaugurated by our honorable chairman, Mr Gurvinder Singh Bahra, with the motivation of respected vice chancellor Prof Dr Parvinder Singh, where students use their innovation and creativity along with  hospitality skills  to prepare various types of mocktail while effective use of indent and other resources during the going event where they excel their marketing and babartender skills and learn about the various selling and marketing techniques while handling various guest situation working in the open  market so they excel their hospitality skills  and learn about guest service and guest satisfaction.


Under the”  Science for Science for Sustainability” project campaign, His Excellency, The Governor Patrick Khaemba, Kenya & his wife , Mrs H.E Lydia Seroney and Mrs Mary Nzomo, The Minister of Agriculture, Kenya, visited Rayat Bahra University, especially to learn about the present status of Agriculture and community based tourism in RBU. Our department was engaged for their hospitality, and demonstration of community based tourism development in Punjab. A prolonged discussion was made on deciding future steps to carry out a  joint venture with Kenya for sustainable tourism development education and awareness in the presence of Honourable Chairman, Mr Gurvinder Singh Bahra, respected vice chancellor Prof Dr Parvinder Singh, Dr Madhumita Mukherjee, Head – USTAHM and Dr Sudipta Mukherjee, Coordinator , Science for Sustainability, a renowned project consultancy of India